Restoring the Old furniture
Restoring the Old Furniture. Are you looking to Restore your old Furnitures? If you are looking to restore the old furnitures, you have reached the destination for that. As we live in a country of great history and memories, We also live and utilise our forefather’s place and things. In our day to day lives...
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How to Design Kids Room Interiors? Kids room is made for the children, this is the place where he or she unwinds and have their own space. Children’s room should be designed and made based on safety of the children. All the furnitures we buy and install in this room should be in the size in...
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Study room

How to Design the Study Room Interiors. How to Design and Set up a Study Room for your Home

Study room is a space in the house to study, read, do paper works, printing, work in computer and do home office activities. This place has to have enough space for all these activities and have a atmosphere to do the jobs peacefully.

List of Furnitures Required to Set up the study Room

  • Fan
  • Lights
  • ACs
  • Carpets
  • Curtains or Blinds
  • Bookshelves
  • Spacious Desk or Table with Drawers and Cabins
  • Comfortable Chairs
  • Accessories to keep stationeries
  • Corner Pedestal Lamps and Reading lamps
  • Bean bags
  • Couch or a Compact Sofa

Additional Advantages for the Study Room

In the study room, if you have good window with a nice view and a sound proofing would be an additional advantage. If the walls of the study room are painted with cool colors can keep the users mind relaxed. This study room can be utilised by people of all ages. If you can have all these furnitures and follow the basic designs and principles, definitely it can serve the purpose of the study room. Hope you have understood how to design and set up a study room for your home in Chennai. If you are looking for an interior designer or interior decorator to design and set up the study room, feel free to get in touch with us.

Maintaining the Study Room

Maintenance plays an important role in the day to day usage of the study room. After we use the study room, we need to make sure all the things we used are kept back in place. A regular dusting and cleaning are required. We need to keep the study rooms fresh and clean all the time to make use of the space at its best. As the best interior designer in Chennai, we can assist you design and set up the study room perfectly.

Any further assistance to design and build a study room, please do not hesitate to contact the Interior Designz SR for the Study Room Interior Designing


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