Concept Designing

What is Concept Designing, is that a basic step to be followed while you do interior designing?

Some of the professional and qualified interior designers strictly follow the concept designing process and some don’t. But as a professional interior designers in Chennai, one has to follow the concept designing. If you are planning to do a interior designing job done for your home in Chennai. Ensure you hire the right interior designers in Chennai. Understand if all the processes are followed by the interior designer to avoid future confusions especially at the time of delivery. Nobody can’t be in a situation and say, i told this, i was imagining that. Ensure that all the procedures and get your expectations perfectly.

Concept designing is conception and combination of information collected from the client and the ideas of an interior designer. Which is well thought, planned and arranged on a board to give client an idea of how the space is going to look like. The Concept Designing is the process created via concept board or mood board. This is basically to get a direction to start the project after client meeting or briefing.

Concept design is primarily to explain the information visually which was gathered from the client in client brief. So to create an effective concept board you need to have as much information as possible about client’s lifestyle in general. And more precisely, regarding their favorite colors, textures, materials, finishes, needs, habits and hobbies. Everything that can help to design and create a final comfortable and contented space for the client, just according to their requirements. Also during client briefing it is very essential to observe as how he/she is dressed or how he/she conduct oneself as one can absorb more about their likes or dislikes through understanding their personality and also more about the style the client prefers. After this exploration, you can start the creative process, which is the concept designing through the concept board.

Physical Concept Board

The Physical concept board is where a collection of images from magazines, various materials like fabric pieces, wood pieces, laminates, color chips, sample floor tiles etc. These are collected from the stores and are stuck on a cardboard preferably on an A3 size for the presentation to the client if possible with the floor plan.

Whereas the Digital concept boards are created by selecting images from the websites and pasting them in the digital board. Creating Digital concept board is preferred by designers these days because it gives more liberty in terms of creativity and enormous availability of images in internet.

Types of Concept Boards:

1. Digital Boards

2. Physical Boards

Benefits of Concept Designing in the interior designing process

Usually Interior designer gives presentation of visual collage of either physical or digital concept board to give you the feel of the room. This gives the clarity of the client requirement and the idea a designer has. Any changes as per client can be made immediately while working with digital boards. Concept boards balance coordination and creative liberty.

The concept board is very beneficial at the beginning of a project to get the approval of the client as they need to be explained about each element that is going to be used in the project and an organized presentation of the designer point of view and the client requirement. The concept board is the most convenient and efficient tool, if it is made the correct way.

Let's follow Concept designing

Concept Designing Process keeps you on track until you complete the given project. Lastly the concept board is important not just for the client but for designers too as it will help the rest of the process of the interior design easy and clear-cut. The pros for the designer also is not to lose track where, further in the project, will be overwhelmed by fabrics, furniture, wallpaper, etc. In this way, the designer will always have a guide to go back to the initial tracks and check the original goals. Hope you had learned what is concept designing in interior designing process. For more details, get in touch with us.

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