Designing the Hotels & Restaurants

Designing the Hotels & Restaurants

Designing the Hotels & Restaurants

The 4 steps guide for decorating your hotel or restaurant

We don’t go to hotels just to sleep and have breakfast, we also go to be delighted. From that big mirror, to the bathtub in your room.Here is the guide with experts opinions on how hotels and restaurants should be decorated

Roadmap to plan the decoration of an hotel or restaurant

Customer satisfaction is linked to their experience, and for a really good one it’s necessary to have considered all the factors. And one of them is the decoration of the space. We are not referring only to the furniture, but to the environment in its broadest sense, considering every detail: from the color of the walls, the decorations (pictures and other elements decorative), through lighting or curtains. Experiences are just as much about the atmosphere and designed spaces as they are about special concoctions, especially when in a hotel, a place of hospitality.

You must act with planning, based on a previously defined strategy,leaving nothing to chance. Whether you plan to decorate a hotel or a restaurant from scratch from new to opening, as if you want to change the decoration of a business that is already running.

Before you really get to work on the project, you should keep in mind the following:

Not all hotels and restaurants are suitable for all types of decorations. Therefore, if you already have one, the decoration you finally choose will have to be adapted to a certain shape to its basic features and if you’re looking for one new site, you must assess that it is suitable for the style that you have in mind.

An expert opinion: Lorenzo Castillo, one of the most renowned Spanish decorators once said: “I mix a lot but not everything can be mixed. Not all the fabrics or all the prints. I like to be very rigorous with the styles, for example, a Chinese print can’t go with an Indian one. There has to be coherence and harmony, and that is what rigor in language gives you. “

You have to be very clear about the majority profile of your clients, real or potential. For example, if you run a family restaurant you should look first and foremost for furniture that are functional, comfortable and durable. If on the contrary, the profile type of your client is a middle-aged person with a high purchasing power, you will have to focus on a decoration where glamor and elegance prevail.

After the initial evaluations, you can start the process of planning. A possible working method could be the following, divided into 4 phases:

1. Choose the global design of the hotel/restaurant

In this first phase, we must think about the design of the premises from a very broad perspective, thinking about general concepts such as: minimalist, classic, modern, thematic… The main one problem of this stage is to opt for a style within the wide range of existing possibilities.

2. Properly distribute the space

This point is really important, since it fuses two basic aspects, such as the formal, visual and style issues of our hotel or restaurant, with functionality and practicality, that is, with the day to day work

An expert opinion: With over 40 years’ experience at the forefront of the design industry, Kelly Hoppen once said “The luxury is in the use of space and simplicity. We have spent years studying the human being and what he needs, with what minimum he survives on a trip, what is essential to carry in a suitcase… and the permanent challenge is to contribute a lot in little space ”.

3. Choose the furniture

With the chosen decoration style and defined spaces, this step is about choosing the correct furniture (tables, chairs, stools,armchairs, etc.) and its different characteristics: design, shape and size, material, resistance, great features, ability to adapt (if, for example, they serve interchangeably internal and external use) and color.

4. Select the details

Lighting, curtains, paintings and other ornamental elements. It is important not to think of these elements as superfluous or secondary, since many times they are the ones that really they end up giving that touch of distinction that really makes a restaurant or hotel has an added value plus that elevate the user experience, making it unique.

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