Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Interior Designs SR to stand out of the crowd?

We implement the creative, innovative and latest interior designing ideas, based on your requirements. We follow the interior designing process, quality of material and provide perfect workmanship strictly to get the best end result and this makes us to reach the success for each and every project and leaving all clients Happy and Satisfied. There are few unique points we inherit in this business like affordable pricing, no compromise in quality and matching or exceeding the expectations of our clients. To know more you can explore our website and look at our past work and model pictures to understand unique interior designing styles. Talk to our interior designer now! This is one of the important frequently asked questions while anyone chooses the interior designers in Chennai.Best Interior Designers in Chennai (1)

What are all the locations and areas you provide the interior designing services?

We focus on the interior design of residential and commercial spaces anywhere within Chennai and close neighbouring areas.

Why should I hire an Interior Designer? What value does using an Interior Designer add?

Using an interior designer not only provides you with great aesthetic input, but their experience in the design process from the outset, can save you a lot of time and money, and of course, alleviates a lot of frustration in dealing with contractors or trying to find the perfect materials or pieces.
Interior Designz SR will help you set the priorities within your specific budget and use their expertise and professional connections to make sure that there are no cost overruns and that you are delighted with the beautiful space that they have created.
Interior Designz SR will spend time on each and every detail of the design, visiting showrooms, material depots, flooring specialists, furniture stores etc. to pick out samples and decor and find perfect-fitting furnishings. We also create the plan and the vision of the space.
Our creative flair is continually at play. We dream, we create, we organise, and we deliver.

Do you use specific brands for your interior design or are you open to using a variety of brands?

While we may have some favourite brands, we do not actively pursue or punt specific brands, and don’t have formal partnerships with any particular brand. We take your budget, your requirements, and your individual taste into account when choosing any item of furniture, appliances or materials. Of course, we also ensure that we provide you with good quality products and materials.

How long does a project take to get completed?

With the huge variety in the types of projects, all of which have different client requirements, it is impossible to provide an overall estimate of the time it will take to finalize a project without knowing more specific details. However, we will provide you with the estimated timeframe during the planning process once we have had our initial consultation. If you have a specific deadline that you require, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you and work the deadline into the execution plan.

How is the interior design project implemented?

The design project overall consists of 12 phases, the first of which is our consultation with you, i.e. the client brief. During this session, we will discuss all your requirements in detail. We’ll also get to understand exactly what the space will be used for. We’ll get to know your style, what your thoughts are regarding the space, and your specific tastes and ideas about colours or themes etc. We’ll also discuss budgets and expectations.
Once the client brief has been done, we start with the concept design. The concept design establishes a broad outline of the functions and features that will be present within the space.
Phase number three is space planning. During the space planning phase, the designer plans how the space should be used and how furniture/fittings should be laid out.
Phase four is the procurement of all the items required in order to transform your space. This includes the purchasing of materials, décor, furnishings, as well as bring contractors on board to do the job, where applicable. This is all done in accordance with the budgets set.
Execution is the next phase. We undertake the project to transform the space and do all that is necessary to ensure a successful execution of the plan. We make sure everything is spick and span before we enter the final phase, — handover.
The handover is bitter-sweet. It means we’ve come to the end of a project, but we also get to experience customer delight, which is an extremely satisfying part of our job here at Interior Designz SR.

Do you offer a once-off consultancy service for interior designing in Chennai?

Yes, we do provide a once-off consultancy only service. Depending on your requirements, we can provide you with any of the phases of the design process, including space planning, a concept board and a quote. You can then, if you so wish, do your own procurement and execution of the project.

Do you offer discounts and offers for the interior designing services in Chennai?

Yes, sometimes we do offer discounts depending on the projects. Talk to us now to custom made deal for you.

What are all the types of Interior Designing services you do?

We do many types of interior designing services for both residential and commercial interior designing. We offer various unique designing services to each and every clients, as per their requirement, lifestyle, space and usage.

Why should i choose Interior Designz SR to do interior designing for my house in Chennai?

We deliver very good and quality interior designing services to all our clients, we ensure all our clients are happy and 100% satisfied.

What is the workflow process you follow in each interior designing project?

Yes, definitely.
1. Client Meeting & Briefing
2. Examining the Site
3. Designing a Concept
4. Planning the Space
5. Finalising the Furnitures & Furnishings
6. Finalising the Total Cost
7. Procurement
8. Implementation and Execution
9. Ensuring the Quality & Workmanship in each steps
10. Supervising the Project
11. Snag Checks
12. Handover

What are all the payment modes you accept?

We accept payments as follows:
1. Cheque
2. Online Transfers like NEFT, RTGS
3. UPI Transfers
4. All Payment Wallets
5. Cash
6. DD

Hope we are able to answer few of your questions through the Frequently asked questions. If not please contact us now, so we can assist you further.