How to design and build a Modular Kitchen

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How to design and build a Modular Kitchen and Secrets to know before you design and build a Modular Kitchen in Chennai. 

There are many points to be noted before you start designing and building a modular kitchen in Chennai. No matter if you are building it for your home or for your client, this article will be very helpful to you to decide how to design and build a modular kitchen in Chennai.

How to Design and Build a Modular Kitchen? 

As a qualified and professional interior designer from Chennai. I have completed several modular kitchen projects for various clients. Now, I am so excited to tell you how to make a beautiful modular kitchen for your home. Kitchen is the heart of each and every home. Kitchen needs to be built nicely with good lighting, ventilation and it should be designed elegantly and make the kitchen environment to be a great work place for the home maker. If you are planning for a Modular kitchen for your home. It’s a very good decision you had made. Nowadays, in India making a modular kitchen has become a basic need of each and every home. It’s one of the important fixture in the kitchen of every house.

Modular kitchen is an important fixture, which is required to organise the kitchen and make the kitchen look elegant. As a homemaker,  i understand the kitchen space very well. Creating the kitchen perfectly, so the home maker or the user can always enjoy the time spent in Kitchen. There are lot of points to be taken into consideration and worked out in detail to bring the perfect output. I want my workplace (My Kitchen) to be user friendly, look elegant and altogether a great space, as i spend more time here. Definitely this would be the same dream of each and every home maker.

Different Types of Kitchen:

  • Galley (single) Kitchen
  • Island Kitchen
  • L Shaped Kitchen
  • U Shaped kitchen
  • Parallel or Galley (two side) Kitchen


Basic Principle when you build a Modular Kitchen:

Whatever shapes or design you’re going to finalise, but ensure you are following the basic kitchen usage formula. This formula is called Kitchen Work Triangle. This design concept is followed by all the professionals to make the kitchen layout more efficient and help the user to consume less time. This work triangle is nothing but “Storage” “Cooking Area” “Washing Area”. If you are going to follow this formula definitely, it makes the kitchen function easily and look beautiful.

Types of finishes for the Modular kitchen:

  • Acrylic Finish
  • Membrane Finish
  • Laminate Finish
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Rustic Finish

If you got any questions or you want to clarify something on this modular kitchen topic, please feel free to ask us, we will be more than happy to assist you.

List items required for setting up the Kitchen

  • Hob or Cooktop Stove
  • Chimney
  • Microwave Oven
  • Grill Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Space for Refrigerator
  • Hot Water kettle
  • Coffee Maker
  • Bread Toaster
  • Sandwich Maker
  • Mixer Grinder
  • Cutleries and Bottles & Can Openers
  • Cooking Vessels and Ladles
  • Knife Sets and holders and Cutting Board
  • Cups and Mugs
  • Plates, Bowls and Serving Trays
  • Bubble Top Water Can stand or Hot and Cold Water Machine
  • Cleaning Cloth & Sponge

Choosing Colors for the Modular Kitchen

Avoid warm colors such as flashy reds, hot oranges and bright hot colors. Rather go for the cool colors, or pastels. if one is very fond of warm colors, use undertones of those or use in moderation. Always you can get assistance from us while you choose the colors for the modular kitchen. Go through the complete details here to learn the secrets to know before you design and build a Modular Kitchen in Chennai. Definitely each and every home makers have a different choice and taste. You can also try Tuscan or  Rustic style kitchen for your Chennai Home to give a countryside cool classic look. So choosing of colors is of the Secrets to know before you design and build a Modular Kitchen in Chennai.

Types of Materials and Accessories used to Build Modular Kitchen Cabinets:

  • WOOD : Wood is the most common material used for cabinets. It is non-toxic. The teak and rosewood are common kitchen cabinet materials used in India. Which needs to be treated and varnished and painted to make it look more appealing. The disadvantage of wood is that  it expands or contracts with temperature change and also very expensive. The maintenance also is not easy, and needs frequent polishing.
  • Plywood : which are resistant  of termites, wood borer and general water resistants (normally knowns as Marine Plywood) can be used for overhead Cabinets. But when it comes to base cabinets we need to make sure the plywood used are a BWR Plywood (Boiling Water Resistant). Remember to use the top quality BWR, don’t go for BWP (Boiling Water Proof) which is of a lower quality than the BWR, but both are called as the Marine ply.
  • MDF :  is nothing but Medium density Board, these are just an engineered wood mixed with wood, fibre, adhesives  and resins. When comes to MDF board, this should be a fire protectant and fire retardant MDF for modular kitchen making. Mostly for the Indian kitchens MDF is not advisable due to the way of usage, but this can be used for overhead cabinets  and also to make the doors of the cabinets.


  • Laminate Finish : These are the most commonly used finishes , as they are available in unlimited colours and textures and also highly durable, heat resistant and moisture free.
  • Wood Finish  : People who are extremely fond of wood  finish can go for it and also where the budget is not a constraint as this is very expensive but long lasting.
  • Acrylic Finish :Acrylic finishes are  getting popular as they are scratch resistant and they do not delaminate and fade. They always look ultra-glossy and flawlessly smooth. Regular cleaning is a must as fingerprints ,dirt and stains are more visible on them. Flip side for this finish is they are not very pocket friendly.


  • Stainless Steel and PVC Kitchen baskets: For cutleries it comes with plastic and SS, Vegetable basket in SS, Cup and saucer Basket in SS, Plate Basket in SS, Fruit Basket in SS, Grain Trolley Basket in SS, Thali baskets in SS, Bottle Baskets, under sink basket in SS to keep all the detergents and washing liquids, Dust Bins in SS.
  • Pull outs for various kitchen items
  • Carousel which fully rotatable to keep things for your convenience
  • Hinges comes as normal closures and comes with a smooth and soft closures
  • Telescopic Channels also comes with normal closures and comes with a smooth and soft closures

There are new accessories being introduced every year. Always keep your kitchen updated. When it comes to procuring a Modular Kitchens. Buying a pre built or a DIY.  If you require assistance Interior designers like us can assist you in planning it professionally and build the best for you. If you want to do it yourself, then as per our professional experience and even if i have to make one for my own house, I will follow these steps which i am going to explain you now further. These are important secrets to know before you design and build a Modular Kitchen in Chennai. If you plan to build one on your own then, there are many significant steps to be analysed before you start making it. 

Steps to be followed in the process of building a Modular Kitchen:

  • Analyse the Kitchen Space
  • Understand the Shape of the Kitchen
  • Measure it
  • Examine the ventilation 
  • Check for the Sink location
  • Directions of the Sunlight
  • Gas Pipelines Routes
  • Chimney Duct Routes
  • Locate the space for the Hob or the Cook Top
  • Make a Diagram
  • Make a Design
  • Finalise the Colors
  • Plan the Good Lightings
  • Plan the Cabinets Under the Counter Top
  • Plan the Cabinets Above the Counter Top
  • Plan for the additional units like Tall units
  • Point the space for Chimney and Hob Installation
  • Plan the space for Cutlery Baskets
  • Plan the space for Pull outs 
  • Plan the space for Drawers
  • Power outlets
  • Space for Ovens
  • Space for Refrigerator
  • Space for everything you want to have it there in the Kitchen

You can make kitchens in two ways. one is pre built modular kitchen and another one is customised modular kitchen. 

Pre built Modular Kitchens, otherwise called readymade modular kitchens which comes pre built, which can be ordered based on the shape and size of your kitchen. Once you finalise and make payment. The manufacturer comes with all the materials and fix it within a day or two.

Features of Pre Built Modular Kitchens:

  • Standard Sizes
  •  Looks same as displayed in the catalogues
  •  Easy to Install
  • Quick Installation Time
  • Smooth Finishing
  • Comes with Warranty, depending on the brands
  • Comes with Acrylic, Laminate, Frosted Glass and Stainless Steel Finishings
  • Cost is higher than the customisable ones
  • Materials used under the counter top are BWR(Boiling Water Resistant) Plywood, Marine Plywood
  • Materials used above the counter top are Regular Plywood, Stainless Steel, Wood and MDF
  • Branded Hinges with regular or smooth soft closures
  • Basket Drawers and Tandem Boxes
  • Tall Units as storage
  • Pull Outs as narrow shelves
  • Cutlery Trays in metal, wood and PVC
  • Corner Shelves
  • Sink
  • Spatula Holders

Customised Modular Kitchen, If you want to make modular kitchen on your own. This can be customised and built by hiring a skilled carpenter. 

Features of Customised Modular Kitchens:

  • Flexible Sizes
  • Need to make a new design or can build like the sample or model you have
  • Customised Installation which takes more than the readymade ones
  • Smooth Finishing
  • Comes with Warranty, depending on the brands
  • Comes with Acrylic, Laminate, Frosted Glass and Stainless Steel Finishings
  • Cost can be controlled and reduced
  • Materials used under the counter top are BWR(Boiling Water Resistant) Plywood, Marine Plywood or according to your choice
  • Materials used above the countertop are Regular Plywood, Stainless Steel, Wood and MDF or according to your choice
  • Branded Hinges with regular or smooth soft closures based on your choice
  • Basket Drawers and Tandem Boxes
  • Tall Units as storage can be made
  • Pull Outs as narrow shelves can be fixed
  • Cutlery Trays in metal, wood and PVC based on your choice
  • Corner Shelves, if required
  • Sink based on your choice
  • Spatula Holders, if required. So, this is how the customised modular kitchen is so flexible in design, accessories, costing, etc.

How to maintain the Modular Kitchens:

  • Do not postpone cleaning. Clean it immediately after use every time.
  • Use cleaning liquids and cloths to wipe it and always keep the kitchen dried
  • Once you wash the vessels, drain the water completely and wipe it with cloth and then place it inside the kitchen cabins
  • Keep your kitchen well organised. Keep all the kitchen vessels, ingredients and all materials back to the place where it supposed, do not keep those in random location. If you keep each things in the specified locations, then it will make your life easy when you work in the kitchen. So, you don’t need to search for the materials every time.
  • Once you finish cooking, make sure you clean the countertops, stove or hob immediately, please be aware of the heat on this after cooking.
  • Clean your Ovens and Grills once you use it.
  • On a regular intervals cleans all the Drawers, Shelves, Pull outs, Chimneys without missing the intervals.
  • Pack all the materials and ingredients when you keep it inside the modular kitchens to avoid the leakages, smell, etc. just organise those in a proper steel or plastic vessels or bottles with closures.
  • Use sponge cloth which can always observe the liquids easily from thr kitchen when you wipe and it can help you in keeping the kitchen dry and it will look great.
  • Always clean the handles of the Drawers, Pull outs, Cabinets etc, as you will be touching it often.
  • If any of the ingredients spill or dropped down, clean immediately, else it can attract cockroaches and insects which will feed on them.
  • Keep your dustbins clean and keep it closed always. If you don’t maintain it very well, it can attract the cockroaches and other insects which will feed on those.
  • When you buy groceries and vegetables to be stocked here in the kitchen, ensure it is clean and no insects are there in it, as the insects can travel via these from the shops sometime.

These are the valuable informations about the Secrets to know before you design and build a Modular Kitchen in Chennai. The making of the modular kitchen is a great thing. It has to be beautiful It has be designed such a way the things in the kitchen are easily accessible. If the kitchen is beautiful you never get bored when you spend time in kitchen. rather you feel happy whenever you look at it as whole. Especially when making kitchen, this will need high quality materials like water proof ply called as marine ply. The accessories you should be a top end quality for a smooth operation and long life. Make the best modular kitchens by using the high quality material. 

Modular kitchens are not just designed based on colours or shapes or overwhelming creative ideas. It has technical detailing in to each of the materials and accessories we use it to build a modular kitchen. An organised kitchen can save up on a lot of space. You can make a single 8ft wide kitchen which is a regular size and we can make the basic or bigger than this as well. Kitchen can be made by innovative ideas, creative ideas, requirement based ideas, usage based ideas, user friendly ideas and several ideas to make the modular kitchens. Home maker of the house spends more time here, this is the work place of the home make, make that space a lovely, beautiful and an easy one. 

Now, just implement the same, build and complete your Modular Kitchen. Designing a kitchen for Home is a wonderful thing.  Design is the art and science of enhancing the interior look of your home and to make your living in to a beautiful,  a healthier,  a convenient space, and an aesthetically appealing environment for a family experiencing the beautiful home designs and its space. Also there is a difference between just furnishing the home with wood work, loose furnitures and the real interior designing of the home. 

One has to understand the difference between these what is interior designing and what is a regular furnishing. So, before you start, make sure you implement the basic principles and technical details of the Modular Kitchen, which you have learned from the above given informations.

As we are one of the best interior designers in Chennai. We can assist you in designing a modular kitchen. We can design in various styles like classic, modern and a contemporary concept of kitchen and different finishes. So if you you are looking to make a modular kitchen. We can be transparent enough to share the job description and material we use in detail. Our kitchen model and designs are like by many people. We can assure the time period to complete the project. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

How can we control the cost while we make the Modular Kitchen in Chennai?

You can save a decent amount of money when you build the modular kitchens. If you really want to save money when you make a modular kitchen. There are few tips you can follow, Decide the need of the modular kitchen. What are all the accessories you really need in the kitchen. Don’t buy any accessories which you may not use, this will control the expenditure when you build a modular kitchen. Do you really need fancy and extra fittings in kitchen, think about it.  Here you again cut down on things not required. Don’t think always the costly accessories are the best in quality, sometime it differs too. 

So, if you do an check the brands and its review can save some money. So, choosing the right brands and equipments will not only manage the costs it will definitely reduce the expenses due to its long life on the regular usage. 

Connect with us to know more on controlling the costs while you build the modular kitchen. Hope you have gained a good knowledge on how to buy or build a modular kitchen. So now you have learned, how to Design and Build a Modular Kitchen. Get in touch with us now for more details and queries, you can write your questions on the comments box below, we are more than happy to assist you. 

Advantages of hiring Interior Designz SR team to design and build the Modular kitchen for your home in Chennai.

  • We visit the site to analyse your kitchen space and take measurements
  • Discuss with you to understand more about your requirement based on your taste, style, how many users and budget
  • Finalising all the designs by sharing the drawings and rendered design of the kitchen
  • Confirming the accessories, fittings and fixtures required
  • Finalising the total cost
  • We procure all the necessary materials for the planned project. This step is very critical as it involves the quality of the material procured. As we are in to the business for a while, we buy it from the right vendors who supply the quality material
  • We complete 75% of the job in the workshop, then we bring it to the site for installation
  • Complete the installation in a couple of days
  • Do the snag checks
  • Handover the site with the successfully completed project

Hope we have covered each and every steps on how to Design and Build a Modular Kitchen. Guess you have understood the secrets to know before you design and build a Modular Kitchen in Chennai. If you still looking for assistance for, how to Design and Build a Modular Kitchen a Modular Kitchen for your home. You have reached the best destination to make your modular kitchen. Contact us today. We can give you all the details of how your modular kitchen will be built and look for your life style. We are the best modular kitchen makers in Chennai. We can offer the best price on the market. For further question or clarifications, please feel free to write it on comments below or email us or call us. We will be more than happy to assist you on your journey to get your dream Modular Kitchen. This is the complete details and secrets about designing, building or making and maintaining of the modular kitchens in Chennai.

In general to build modular kitchen most of them will go with Marine Plywood, which can be used for overhead cabinets. But when it comes to base cabinets we need to make sure the plywood used are a BWR Plywood (Boiling Water Resistant). The top quality is BWR, don’t go for BWP (Boiling Water Proof) which is a lower quality than BWR, but both are called as Marine ply.

The minimum cost to build a modular kitchen with the best quality and basic accessories for a 8*10 size kitchen can start from 75,000/- rupees in Chennai. Contact us for more details.

  • Always keep the things back to their original place they belong in the kitchen
  • Always keep all the food items and ingredients in a closed jars
  • Clean the kitchen after every use. Wipe the kitchen counter tops with wet cloth and a dry cloth after use
  • Use a closed dust bin, if you use dustbins in the kitchen
  • Maintain the chimney on regular intervals

The basic principle of the Kitchen is called the “Kitchen Triangle” When you make a kitchen make sure the storage, cooking area and the washing area are close by and easily accessible. This makes the kitchen function more efficiently.

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