How to Design and Make Beds

How to Design and Make Beds

How to Design and Make Beds. A simple approach to set you free from the busy work all the day, just stepping into comfort zone called bedroom with eyes turning towards the great comfort platform known as BED DESIGN. Perfect way of designing a bed is known for its comfortableness and remedy to de-stress.

But, how many bed designs are actually providing the outcome you’re looking at and how do you choose the design that proposes you the quality of sleep?   

Perfect Bed design has the power to recast the appearance of your bedroom and high chances of providing great sleep by just integrating the right materials, size, shape, color, upholstery and storage. Designing such functional bed is associated with different styles of interiors and emerging out as an unique piece of furniture takes lot more inspiration than it actually comprise of.

Determining the design that matches with your life style and comfort level is very much needed, it welcomes the pleasant morning with refreshed and energetic feel. Let’s go in detail of how to design and make beds.

Restyle your bedroom space into delightful platform by designing the bed with great objectives


Easy way to save the space is choosing appropriate bed designs that are combined with storage functionality and structure of the bed.

Multifunctional bed: it is designed by taking space into consideration. For a smaller space, choose the bed design that combines the functionality and storage to avoid clutters in the bedroom. For instance stackable beds (commonly known as bunker beds) in kid’s room, sofa cum beds, trundle bed designs.

  • Pull-out style: bed design that comes out with drawer style storage to keep bedding essentials, but it needs extra space to open the drawers at ease way.

  • Pull-up style: it comes with the lift-up mechanism to hide the clutters of the bedroom essentials and store the seasonal stuff, sporting things, and any bulky items more organized way. It is known as hydraulic storage bed.

  • Upholstery beds: These kinds of beds are wrapped up with soft fabrics all over the design to provide comfort and restful seating arrangement. It can also stands out with different color ranges, fabrics, textures and floral patterns embedded on it beautifully. It is one of the eye-catchy pieces of furniture in home interiors.

  • Geometry: the above mechanisms can be incorporated in different ways for the bed designs for standard types of beds namely king size bed, queen size bed, single or double beds, lower beds, poster beds.

  • Associate with styles of design:

Explore the bed design that suits the numerous styles of interior design, whether it is vintage, rustic, mid-century modern, classic, contemporary, modern style, making use of right materials, textures, patterns is necessary to blend with the interiors.

Composition of Bed Design:


Commonly used materials for making the bed comprise of:

  • Wood: it is the primarily used material for manufacturing the bed because of its durability, strength, and the best wood also prevents the furniture from any kind of corrosion and rust. This unique feature makes it stand high over other materials. Woods includes cherry, ebony, birch, maple, mahogany, oak, rosewood, sheesham wood, mango wood, particle board, engineered wood are mainly used for making beds. This is best for some kinds of interior design styles such as traditional, classic, transitional, rustic, farmhouse, some themes of modern.
  • Fabric: upholstery wrapped over the bed with unique textures and patterns to provide royal and elegant look to the bedroom design. It is mainly used in art-deco, electic style, any luxurious enriched style of design. Fabrics together with paints are the cheapest and best means to convert a dull interior into an interesting one. Commonly used fabrics for beds are leather, silk, linen and wool.
  • Metal: it is strong, tough, and comes with unique pattern of design to provide industrial and rustic look. Employment of metal imparts a touch of hi-tech in interior. Metals can bestow not only strong character to an interior but also delicacy and elegant.

  • Standard dimensions (width * length):
  • Single bed- (3ft*6ft)
  • Double bed- (4ft*6ft)
  • Queen size bed- (5ft*6.5ft)
  • King size bed- (6ft*6.5ft)
  • Height of the bed varies with kind of bed design: it varies for 1-2 feet and customized dimensions are designed accordingly to meet the customer’s requirements.

  • Finishes:

Only way to enhance the beauty of bed design is by applying appropriate finishes for the materials used.

It prevents the materials losing its original nature and binds well with the finishes to give additional life. Some of the color finishes include brown, walnut, oak, red, balsam, almond, teak, black, lime green, yellow, navy blue, white and many more. Some of the ranges include solid, wood grains. Available finishes are suede, hi-gloss, nuback leather.

If you require further assistance on how to design and make beds, get in touch with the best interior designers in Chennai.

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