How to Design and Make Wooden Furniture

Designing and Making Wooden Furniture

Designing and Making Wooden Furniture is an important one in interior designing a space. Furniture design should not only fulfill its purpose of just accumulating in an empty space but taking a step furthermore with creativity by mixing different styles of design and the elements of design to enrich the home decor more than it deserve.

Are you wondering of how to choose furniture that fits best with the theme of your home interiors?

Wooden furniture is such a great example that suits to each and every aspect you would imagine, for instance it would impart natural feel, look, blend in with theme used, and eco friendly, enhance the aesthetics, and many more.

Wood exhibits warm pleasant quality. There are variations in the surface, texture and color of the same wood and between the different types of woods used to make the furniture that empowers a better choice in the furniture design. Furniture design depicts the state, your personality, your preferences, and way of exploring the things in better way.

By following through these effective techniques in designing the wooden furniture will definitely lead you to reach your dream home.

  1. Themes and styles:

Wooden furniture is designed to match with the numerous styles and themes of your home interiors unlike the other materials used for furniture design. Comprising of a theme whether it is a replication of forest or ocean or minimalist kind, wooden furniture provides integrity to the design. It makes no difference of what kind of style you choose, wooden furniture design is always in trend and works for almost all the styles of design, could be minimalistic, rustic, vintage, industrial, mid-century modern, traditional, retro, bohemian, modern and contemporary styles.

  • Layout and Space:

Prior to planning for home furniture designs, check out the layout of each space. Get to know how many furniture pieces can be fitted simultaneously keeping the space for the people to walk around easily. If you have big space, you could play with different choices and when its small space you can still fulfill your dreams just being creative at using the multifunctional furniture designs. Wood Furniture designs can travel all along your home covering almost each and every space creating a wow impact on interiors, that is sofa sets, TV units, coffee tables, recliners in living space, beds, wardrobes, bed side tables, dressers in bedroom, dining sets, crockery units, and kitchen cabinets, study room furniture, outdoors, in offices, commercial buildings.   

  • Functionality:

People face difficulties imagining how they would be comfortable at home on choosing the furniture. Functionality basically means how you wish the space to be used which revolves around the habits and lifestyle of the people. How do you prefer the function of the space to be? As private space, for family time, gatherings, entertainment, education, prayers, so on. Adopt the furniture accordingly. Explore many options before you plan to choose furniture namely space saving furniture, furniture for singles or families, multi-seated.   

  • Types of woods:
  • Solid wood (strong, durability)
  • Rose wood (functionality, long-lasting)
  • Sheesham wood (known for its supreme quality, durability, decay resistant)
  • Engineering wood (delicate, durable)
  • Rubber wood
  • Hardwood such as mahogany, maple, oak, walnut, acacia, teak, etc.

Wooden furniture making:

  1. Measurements:

Ergonomics plays crucial role while designing any furniture design of taking standard dimensions and customized measurements to fit exactly with the human accessible range dimensions. For instance, standard dimensions of sofa set (L*B*H) – (6ft*3ft*1ft 6in).

  • Selection of wood:

The secret to pretty wood furniture design lies in picking out the right wood. Various styles of wood are distinguished with grain pattern present on it which is the main source of creating amazing wood designs. Selection of right wood depends on evaluation of some factors namely color, textures, grains, working quality, durability, fragrance, movements (process of wood expansion, contraction and warps), decay resistance and other merits.

  • Style mixed Design:

Selection of grains and matching with the elements of design such as geometry (size, form and shape) of the style, and textures is executed based on the style used in that particular interior. Principles of design such as balance, harmony, proportion and scale are executed while arranging the layout of the space to bring right balance between design and functionality.

  • Final touch:

Wood is polished in various shades and finishes. Polish means to smoothen and make glossy. Purpose of polish is to:

  • Make the surface smooth
  • Enhance the natural grains of the surface
  • Provide protective coating
  • To seal the surface, making it impervious
  • Impart coloring, helping it to match with its surrounding.

Types of polish are distinguished based on composition, color and appearance. Some of the commonly used polishes include Rosewood matt polish, natural teak polish, green and red polish, ebony, melamine, lacquer and oil polishes.     

  • Maintenance:
  • Wood used for furniture design is properly seasoned to avoid shrinkage or decay.
  • Polish gives a better and richer finish than paint and is longer lasting, does not collect dust and is very easy to maintain.
  • To clean the wooden furniture, rub the surface with cotton cloth to remove any accumulated dust and dirt.
  • Homemade polishes can be used to prevent the wood shine from fading.

Get started today to explore the various kinds of wooden furniture designs that bring harmony with your home interiors. Need any assistance to Designing and Making Wooden Furniture, get in touch with the top interior designers and decorators located in Chennai

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