How to Design Bathroom Interiors

Bathroom Interior designing

How to Design Bathroom Interiors?

Bathroom Designing: Make your bathroom look chic with these

The bathroom is no doubt one of the most visited rooms in the home. As a homeowner, you want to make this high-traffic space comforting and functional for your entire household. At first thought, bathroom designing can be a lot challenging to homeowners – particularly if you’re limited by space. Here are some quick tips to consider for your bathroom designing:

Glam Tapware

Don’t settle for a boring-looking bathroom. Just a fanciful tapware and fitting could surprisingly change the entire esthetics of your bathroom.

Popular options like a matt black finish do not only leave a chic appeal, they reduce the visibility of fingerprints and similar stains. You may also consider a golden finish to improve the overall visual.

Mounting faucet on the wall is common lately. It helps for a narrower vanity and sink – a nice one for space-constrained bathrooms.

Choose your colors rightly

In many cases, a bathroom turn out the most colorless space in the home. It shouldn’t!

Pink and green décor may give a suiting inspiration. A pink vanity blends effortlessly on the greeny background, just as the pink bath sits on green color tiles. You can imagine hours in the tub, admiring the intriguing dancing flames.

Again, with the multi-color LED, switching color schemes is only a click away.

Modern lighting

For lighting, positioning is as important as quality.

Skylights, for example, are an attractive and functional lighting design that brings luxury to modern interiors.

With proper lighting, the simplest bathroom concept can get a surprising cozy glow with parameter lighting.

Black and white bathroom interiors

Try hidden storage

While families can easily get overwhelmed with storage needs, off-view storage can help your bathroom look less stuffy and tidy.

Mirror cabinet should help too. Wall hanging also helps free up floor space. Your bathroom stool might as well have storage beneath.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are exceptional décor items – particularly for bathrooms. While it’s common practice to have a mirror the length of your vanity, you may want to stretch it farther, so two or more people can use it at the same time. Besides the anesthetic plus, a bigger mirror helps avoid conflicts during the typical rush hours.

And if you have a small space, mirrors can make it look way bigger.


Just as your living space, your bathroom designing needs proper attention. Most times, we pay more attention to other parts of the home, leaving the most visited room looking boring.

Hopefully, the tips above should help improve your bathroom’s comfort and appeal.  You may consult an expert interior designer in Chennai, the Interior Designz SR to walk you through a more customized bathroom designing options and how to design bathroom interiors.

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