How to Design Home Office Interiors

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How to Design Home Office Interiors?

Have a thought in mind and got inspired to start up a work at home and make money from your skills?

Sometime, it can be hard to find motivation at work place. But, working from home is inspiring and exciting as it offers an opportunity for actual comfort and efficiency. It’s good to think about the purpose of office at home, but, if the office design is too casual, or isn’t effectively partitioned from the home environment, high productivity could be lost.

So create a space that ensures a productive atmosphere where you don’t lose focus and work efficiently. Designing such home office need to have a professional touch and effective ways to accomplish the work which creates an environment where you will be inspired to work.

When you start working from home, you come across few things for instance, you might find your office as an extension of living room, or could be store room or guest room transforming into office room, but a good interior designer understands the perspectives and designs the space as a result you can easily avoid visual distraction, get fresh and inspiring workspace which will help to accomplish tasks more efficiently and welcome each day with more enthusiasm.

But, how do you start? Is it as simple as you think? Yes, get your home office design done with these simple yet effective techniques with a professional touch.

  1. Layout Design:

Setting up the appropriate layout of the space increases the chance of getting clean, refreshing look, and more organized way of design.

2. Dedicated space with appealing outlook:

You will have to devote yourself highly in your home office, so choose a best space that will suit the work.

Check out the traffic flow and your ability to withstand the distractions. You can opt for the space which is bounded by more traffic at your house or stay on distraction free area. The placement of the desk should allow you to stare at the landscape or something more interesting outside rather than a blank wall when you’re out of the glance from work.

3. Blend it amazingly:

If you don’t have dedicated office and needs to share or transit a part of your other rooms, try to find creative ways to break the continuity with amazing and lively wall papers or create accent walls, and keep the workspace in harmony with its surroundings.


Identify what furniture set you will need in your office depending on the work you do. You might require small desk or large table or big workspace for an artist work; select the furniture that would clearly serve the purpose of work. Ergonomics plays crucial role while working in the office, consider ergonomically designed furniture which maintains proper size and dimensions to promote health and well being while using them. Ergonomics includes size and height of the furniture set like office chairs, desk and other related things which is designed according to the human activities and dimensions.

5. Minimalist Design:

Get rid of clutters which is most distracting in home office and include all necessary elements or aspects of office accessories namely printers, scanners, document shredders keeping the space as organized as possible. Choose home office storage accessories that are stylish yet functional. Keeping a simple color palette also boost up the aesthetic appeal and encourages working more.

6. Choose best colors for an office:

Color impacts mood and energy levels. Certain colors evoke emotional and physical reaction and responses. It can also create most pleasing environment or most enthusiastic vibes in a home office.

Green evokes organic and fresh look and rear up the concentration. Yellow stands as highlighters and makes people happy and enthusiastic, but it is also distracting when not used in a conventional way.

Neutral colors also create subtle circumstances.

Each color is unique in its properties and exhibits significant characteristics when it is applied. It can be achieved by proper usage of wallpapers, wall paints, furnishings, furniture, and materials.

Pleasing and aesthetic look can be achieved through the guidelines of professional designers yet taking client requirements into consideration.

7. Lighting Design:

Lighting plays significant role in any design. Window’s natural light produces evenly balanced source of white light. If daylight is not available, a combination of certain lighting is essential.

After exhausting the options for natural light, we can also look for typical layered options such as ambient, accent and task lighting.

  • Ambient lighting also known as general lighting fills the majority of the room and allows moving around safely. It usually comes from recessed lighting or wall mounted fixtures.
  • Accent lighting is used to highlight a particular space, such as piece of wall art.
  • Task lighting is used to assist in completing particular function. It is usually available as desk lamps and pendant lights.

8. Additional features to enhance the design:

  • Designing airy and clutter free space, because mostly files could be stored digitally.
  • Painting the office space with color which has calming effect can create soothing environment and helps to give relief when stressed out from work.
  • Open shelves are being used to arrange the office accessories in an organized way.
  • If you would like to transit yourself somewhere way more exciting than work, try to use exotic patterns in the design.
  • To make space feel more clean and calming, use neutral colors mostly white with some pops of blue.  
  • Conceal the clutters with curtains.
  • To bring the super glossy design to the office, combine black colored furniture or furnishings with pops of brass accents.
  • Plants are natural moistener, keep you feel calm and focused by eliminating airborne toxins which are found in furnishings and electronic devices.


If you’re curious of how to design home office interiors and set up your home office, don’t just wait, just get started and make the space that reflects your personality and helps to connect to yourself and productivity. Further assistance on how to design home office interiors, our interior designing team can assist you, please feel free to talk to us now!

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