How to Design Interiors for Resorts and Cottages

resort and cottages interior designs

How to Design Interiors for Resorts and Cottages

Tourists from all over the world flock to resorts and cottages in search of exclusive holiday experiences. With many resorts vying for the attention of the tourists in every destination, the ones that are ultimately successful stand apart due to their service and design. When designing resorts and cottages, focus on these 4 key elements to create a unique design:

  • Colors and Materials :

Colors and materials are a primary element in resort design that influences the look of the resort. Create the right first impression by using colors and materials that relate with the brand as well the nature of the resort. For example, natural materials like stone, wood, bamboo and wicker are used in eco resorts to create the feeling of being in touch with nature, while beach resorts combine wood with light colors like white and light brown to recreate the colors of the beach while lending an open and airy feeling.

  • Functionality :

The design of resorts and cottages should be beautiful while being functional. For instance, cottages and rooms in resorts should have adequate space for storage, along with spaces for reading and relaxing within the room. As many tourists opt to work remotely, a comfortable workspace with suitable lighting can make the room stand out to visitors. The materials in the room should also be chosen for functionality and reduced risk to the visitors. The quality of the products used in the design will also play a role here, so it is important to source quality materials that will stand the test of time and reduce the long term costs for the resort.

  • Experience :

The amenities, services and design together influence the guest experience in a resort, and a great guest experience will ensure that the visitors choose the resort the next time, and recommend the same to others. Amenities like spa and wellness centres are popular among tourists, as this adds to the relaxed holiday atmosphere. Resorts and cottages located in family holiday destinations can offer child care areas, as well as multi use areas that can host activities for children and families that visit. Resort restaurants on the other hand should be designed with more spacing and adequate privacy, making it easier for the holidaymakers to enjoy meals in comfort.

  • Art and Decor :

Art and decor in resorts and cottages elevate the design, tying together the look of the spaces. The pieces used here should blend with the design style, while adding to the overall look. Pleasing artworks and elegant decor can create a cozy atmosphere in the rooms and cottages, while brighter and colorful pieces can be used in areas like the lobby and hallways.

Resorts and cottages with stunning designs always stand out from the crowd, drawing visitors in every season.  Design your resort with these elements in mind to create a delightful experience for your guests. If you require any assistance to design interiors for resorts and cottages, please feel free to get in touch with the top interior designers in Chennai.

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