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Shoe Rack Designing

Shoe racks are otherwise known as Shoe organizers, a significant furniture set for a home. This enables and assist you to arrange your footwear appropriately providing an exemplary look to the nice pair of shoes and adds perfect organized look to the room. So, there is a need for Designer shoe rack that combines the advantage that serves functionally and also blending naturally with the other furniture set.

The classification of shoe rack designs helps you to organize your shoe storage job in more perfect way.

  1. Open type 3-tier shoe rack design:

This is kind of free-standing open type shoe rack design with removable shelves. Perfect depth of shoe shelves allows you to place a variety of shoes collection.

Preferred space: laundry or garages, closets.

2. Wall mounted shoe rack:

It is extremely simple design yet presents smart solution for any homeowners having confined space issues. These are fixed and fitted to the walls by a clamp or other fittings

Preferred space: entryways, garages, closets.

3.Closed type of shoe cabinet:

Classic kind of shoe rack design that will place your shoes in neat and organized manner is wooden shoe cabinet. This cabinet has customized or adjustable shelves that you can use to store various kinds of shoes and slippers. This comes with wooden finish or laminate, also can be painted or leave as it reflects natural wood properties. This also gives traditional look with different shutter designs (includes swing and sliding shutters). You can decorate the space above the cabinet with some lower vases or any decorative pieces.

Preferred space: hallways, entryways, bedrooms, lounges.

4. Tilt-out shoe rack design:

This is similar to regular type of shoe cabinet with slight change in accessibility and size. The door shutters are opened like pull down manner. Functionality is bit different and assembling the parts is challenging task. It is mostly suitable for vintage or classic look. Cushions are also provided above the cabinet.

Preferred space: narrow hallways, entryways, bedrooms, walk-in closets.

5. Shoe storage bench with soft cushion:

This style is mostly preferred in walk-in closets and leaves the space with modern look. Looks great with soft upholstery cushion that can suit with the other furniture cushion set. Can be designed with variable sizes of shelves below the seating arrangement allowing to fit various shoes namely boots, sneakers and flats. It comes in customized or standard dimensions. It comes with both shutter and non-shutter types.

6. Tall shoe rack:

The tall shoe rack is used when you want to adjust the space by increase in height vertically.

Shoe rack design guidelines in simple steps:

  • Material selection:

Wood (includes engineering wood, acacia wood and sheesham wood), metal and plastic are preferable materials for shore rack design. Each design has specific functionality in any interior space. It is required to explore your creativity in selecting materials that serves the best without compromising on aesthetics.

  • Ergonomics Design:

Shoe rack design comes through standard or customized size. It has to basically cover the space in proper manner. Dimensions include depth of 25-35 cm, height of 45-180 cm and spacing between each rack should be at least 30cm apart, width of 70-150 cm. pull-out racks are designed with inclined angle measurements.

  • Adjustable racks:

Adjustable Shoe racks are mostly preferred when you have to add the extra pairs and remove when not in use to save the space.               

Organize your shoes collection with the perfect shoe storage solutions

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