How to Design Wardrobes and Cupboards

How to Design Wardrobes and Cupboards

How to Design Wardrobes and Cupboards?

As for the concern of designing a bedroom space (could be small or large room), it is necessary to focus on two big things that serve the main purpose of the bedroom space design. It is a combination of Wardrobe and bed. Designing such Wardrobe is a challenging task as it is stable and cannot be shifted to make the free space. There are several kinds of wardrobe designs considering from vintage style till modern or contemporary style with unique features.

Wardrobes are specific kind of cupboard used for storing clothes, apparels, accessories, jewelry set, Blazers, etc. Wardrobe designs are distinguished with respect to colors, finishing materials, size, dimensions, number of doors, types of shutters, positioning of shelves, and accessibility of space. Unique characteristic in wardrobe design is that it can easily blend with the material and finishes used for bed.

Classification of wardrobe design is basically built upon two factors namely structure/ layout and types of shutters.

Structure or layout:

  1. A free standing wardrobe:

It is basic and traditional type of wardrobe which is portable and mostly available in wooden finish. There are lots of metallic and plastic finishes available.

      2. Wall mounted wardrobe:

It is Built-in type of wardrobe and primarily use less space compared to free standing wardrobes and gives elegant look.

     3. Walk-in wardrobes:

Individuals who love shopping and dream about having arranged all the accessories in an organized manner at one place would actually go for walk-in wardrobes. It also adds luxury look without compromising on design and functionality. You can choose any spare room or preferably any unused space for design and need to fix some shelves, hangers and some storage space on every side possibly with a chair to one side or a long seat in middle of the room.

    4. Customized wardrobes:

Designing your dream home? Not sure about selecting wardrobes that fits to your bedroom design. Gather all available options and get customized wardrobe design that would suit your planned décor

Types of shutters:

  1. Sliding shutters:

Sliding door kind of wardrobes is compact in size usually designed with two, three, or even four doors and acts as great space savers. They are basically built covering the space from floor to ceiling and allow keeping the storage space above the hanging area for non-periodic usage things like blankets and other stuff. It is an ideal choice for contemporary look. The door slides smoothly on a track without pull-out wardrobe shutters on hinges. 

2. Swing/ hinged shutter wardrobe:

Also known as an Openable wardrobe this is most common type of shutter style. It is easily accessible with both handle and handle-less design and shutter opens directly facing front of us. With this kind of shutter, user must have enough space to open the shutter and access the things easily. Lofts can be fixed above the wardrobes for additional storage space as the wardrobes withstand the extra storage.

3. Folding shutters wardrobe:

When you want to try something way more exciting, you are at best to use folding shutter type wardrobes. It is also best way to save space without compromising on the design.

Design your desired wardrobe with simple techniques:

Here are some guidelines that help you to get a wardrobe that blends with the other furniture maintaining functionality and aesthetic look. Please keep in mind about considerations you need while designing before you get started.

  • Orientation and space management: space needs to be accessed to fit a wardrobe. Minimum 2-3 feet distance is required to fit a two-door sliding shutter or swing shutter wardrobes. But, if the room is compact, choose sliding wardrobe to save the space and for efficient use.
  • Ideal size: consider ideal size of wardrobe which is 7-8 feet long and 2 feet depth. If you require additional space above the wardrobes for extra storage, choosing lofts would be a better idea.
  • Choose Materials in best way: two main elements for wardrobe are carcass (inside wardrobe) and shutters. Preferable material for carcass is MDF rather than Plywood to avoid bending with time. The shutters can be designed with MDF.
  • Finishes elevating the beauty: there are few finishes like laminate, mirrors, membrane, UV, acrylic, aluminum with glass or aluminum with lacquer. Laminate and membrane are cost-effective and easy to maintain. However, if you want a super sleek look and don’t mind spending some more, then acrylic, UV, glass and lacquer finishes would be a perfect choice.
  • Mirror on the shutters: it enhances the beauty of the wardrobes creating luxury look. It also allows so much light bouncing on it and acts as dresser table. This is all about how to design wardrobes and cupboards

Assistance on Space Planning

As a professional interior designer in Chennai, we can assist you in Wardrobes and Cupboards designing and building based on the function and purpose of the space. Also its based on how it is going to be used, how many people are going to use it. If you need assistance on how to design wardrobes and cupboards in Chennai, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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