How to do Partition Designing

Partition Designing

What is Partition Designing?

Partitions are a great addition to your home’s interior. Living spaces can be dull without them. These walls come in different forms and materials that suit different décor ideas. This article sprints through the different partitioning design options, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. To start, here’s why you need partitions in your home

Advantages of Partitions

  • Proper partitioning offers privacy
  • A partition helps divide large spaces into sections, increasing the functionality of your home space.
  • They do not consume space
  • Partition walls are remarkably easy to install.

Types of Partition Walls

Among the lot of options on the market, here are the most common:

Brick Partitions Wall

Bricks give your space a traditional touch. These partitions come in different forms – brick noggin, reinforced, or plain brick – and are all highly durable.


  • They are economical – durable and can be reused or recycled.
  • Environmental-friendly manufacturing process
  • Brick walls are non-inflammable
  • Sound-proof


  • Construction is time-consuming
  • Not suitable for seismic zones
  • Difficult to clean
  • Lack of air may lead to fluorescence

Wooden Partition Walls

Wooden walls are an age-long room-divide option. This eco-friendly alternative brings class and style to your space. But if on a low budget, you may consider another option.


  • Light-weight
  • Easy to construct
  • Fire-proof and sound-proof
  • Not suitable for damp conditions
  • Carvings can be made nicely in wood


  • May rot over time
  • Issues of insect infestation
  • Exposure to fire can be costly.

Glass Partition

Glass walls make your interior look clean and chic. Exceptionally, glass partitions offer reasonable privacy and yet allow you to keep an eye on happenings around.


  • Appealing aesthetics
  • Lightweight design
  • Sound and damp proof
  • Stands well to any weather
  • comes in different sizes, shapes, and thickness
  • Cheap and easily accessible materials
  • Easy to clean

Drywall partition

Alias plasterboard, drywall is made of two paper sheets with gypsum plaster pressed between. This option has gradually phased out lath and plaster, as it is relatively easier to construct and chic.


  • Lightweight
  • Sound-proof
  • Easy installation
  • Lasts long
  • Available in different finishing
  • Fire resistant
  • Relatively cheap installation

Before you choose a room partition

Here are some points to consider before you settle for any partition wall:

  • Consider your space – Ensure your partitions are thin and consume, but the lowest possible space
  • Privacy – your wall should guarantee a commendable level of privacy – not just sight, but sound.
  • Materials – prefer one with homogeneous, light, durable and sound-proof materials
  • Cost– material, construction, and installation should align with your budget.
  • Should stand to heavy fixtures and fittings.


To increase your room’s privacy and function, consider a partition wall. Interestingly, these walls come in different materials, shapes, and types. Besides those mentioned above, other types include concrete, clay brick, metal lath, A.C sheets, to mention a few.

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