How to Interior Design a Pooja Room

How to Interior Design a Pooja Room

Ideas and tips about how to interior design a Pooja Room, get the tips and ideas from the Chennai’s best interior designers.

A pooja room is an integral part of most Indian homes, and creating a beautiful pooja room is a form of prayer in itself. The pooja room in a home should be designed to suit the family and become a part of the spiritual experience, providing peace and tranquility. Here are 3 steps to follow to design a pooja room:

  1. Identify the space :

The first step of designing an ideal pooja room is to find the right location for it. For those who follow vastu, this would be in the North-East corner of a room. The space allotted for the pooja room can be in accordance with the size of the room. In a large living room or hall, it is possible to create an equally large pooja room. In smaller apartments and houses which might be lacking in extra space, look for corners and small areas that can be turned into a pooja mandir.

  • Keep it simple :

Always opt for a simple design for the pooja room. This will create a peaceful look in the pooja area, and keep the main focus on the idols. The design of the space can be done so as to enhance this. For example, adding lighting to highlight the idols and paintings and using one continuous material and finish across the pooja room walls allows the area to look clean and simple. The design can also have shelves and storage space to avoid clutter and to keep away all pooja items safely.

  • Choose a design style :

The design style of the mandir can create a divine atmosphere in the pooja room. For a room that is used for both pooja and meditation, consider materials like marble and stone finishes with warm lighting to establish a natural and serene ambience. Closed pooja areas and shelves can be made to look better with decorative door panels and partitions, for which custom designs can be made. Shelves and simple wall areas can be designed with decorative wood panelling and carving or paints to differentiate them from the other walls and to provide a calming background.

As a place of worship, the pooja room holds an important position in every Indian home. Using the tips mentioned above, anyone can easily design this space to be beautiful and fit well into their home.

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