How to Interior Design Gyms and Clubs

How to Interior Design Gyms and Clubs

How to Interior Design Gyms and Clubs? Get the best innovative and creative interior designing ideas from the best interior designers of Chennai.

Interior designing for gyms and clubs has been slowly gaining popularity in India. The rise of specialized gyms and large fitness centres that offer varied activities has turned the spotlight on the need for design in these spaces. The interior design of these gyms and clubs help the brands attract more customers and provide better workout spaces that suit a wide range of fitness enthusiasts. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind while designing fitness centres:

  1. Create zones :

A gym or club with one main area that combines all types of workouts is less effective than one with clearly defined areas. Creating zones for various activities and workouts in the gym makes it easier for customers to use and allows for each activity space to have its own configuration. The flooring and wall materials can also be changed to suit this. This would make the zones clearer while being a simple solution to meet the changing needs of various workouts. It is also important to consider the different types of workouts and the spacing required for each while defining zones. For example, it is advisable to keep free weights away from the stretching area.

  • Keep open space :

Open space is highly valuable in gyms and clubs. Spacing between equipment and  machines allows for easy movement around the gym and reduces the risk of injury and accidents, helping users to use the space more freely. Open space can also be used for light stretching away from the machines, as well as to work with personal trainers. Large open spaces in the gyms should be made easily configurable to suit a variety of activities so that they can work as a suitable space for yoga, meditation or even circuit training classes. This can be done with comfortable flooring and sufficient storage space for equipment, as well as a clearly visible space for the trainers to lead the class from.

  • Use lighting wisely :

Natural lighting can be energizing, and can give the gym an open and spacious look. Lighting in the gym helps the users see and use the equipment and machines better. However, too much light can prove to be counterproductive, creating excessive glare and affecting visibility. As gyms and fitness clubs use mirrors frequently in the design, lighting levels must take this into consideration. On the other hand, the mirrors not only improve the form of the gym goers, but also adds to the lighting level, making the space appear larger with reduced lighting needs.

The interior design of gyms and clubs should be centered around the needs of the users. Use graphics and design to communicate with gym users and keep them motivated, and add areas in the gym that are geared towards social media, such as photo spots and walls of fame, which may encourage members to share posts and invite others to join.

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