How to make Loft Cabins and Storage Shelves

How to make Loft Cabins and Storage Shelves1

How to make Loft Cabins and Storage Shelves?

Okay let’s see how to make loft cabins and storage shelves and make use of the spaces . Facing the difficulties on how to utilize the inadequate space to incorporate all your things when living in either tiny or big space? Size and shape of the space are the main complications while designing such tricky area.

There is a way out to limit your conclusions and turn towards generating the better outcome by cutting down the challenges and being creative.

Loft shelves are small kind of cabinets that comes out with numerous space saving designs to top up the unutilized area in a better way without compromising on design, functionality, and comfort. Let’s see the different ways to make the Loft Cabins and Storage Shelves

Loft shelves Design:

To help you with this, here is the simple understanding on how to design the loft shelves based on different aspects.

  1. Exceptional ways of utilizing space for lofts:
  2. Wardrobe loft:

Lofts can be fixed over the swing shutter type wardrobes for accumulating additional storage and seasonal stuff such as blankets, other clothing. Top panels are used between the wardrobe and lofts to sustain the weight and to avoid warping of the shutters.

  • Suspended wall shelves:

Installing the wall shelves is an easy and promising way to create additional storage on an empty wall producing elegant look. Choose the right material to build the loft which can blend naturally over other wall designs.

  • Stairs with lofts:

Lofts are constructed on either side of stairs to store the things and also provide great support. Materials used are wooden planks and metal sheets with appropriate knobs or shutter system.

  • Over kitchen wall cabinets:¬†

Lofts can be built over the wall cabinets to serve the purpose of extra storage and also to enclose some gas pipe lines when it comes to the kitchen design. The standard depth and height of loft are 340mm and 600mm respectively. Material used for loft frame and shutter is generally plywood and color could be laminates, acrylic sheets with glossy finish, membrane. Fillers are used to avoid the breakage of loft shutters. End panels are used to provide support to the lofts.  

  • Underneath Bed as storage:

Be more creative to hide the clutters and fill-up the items by installing a loft underneath the bed. It could be built up with the same material as bed to blend it naturally.

  • ¬†Functionality:
  • Space saver:

Logical and creative way of using the space is what establishes the difference between perfect room and enhanced storage space. So set down your stuff in more organized manner by using loft designs greatly.

  • Life and maintenance:

Materials used for constructing a loft play significant role. Make the best use of appropriate wooden planks namely plywood, laminates, marine plywood to serve the right purpose of the space. Proper finishes should be applied to avoid warping of the wood. Natural wood used in making lofts raise the feel of connecting with nature. Outer layer of the wooden plank can be re-polished to maintain original look.

  • Orientation of shelves:

Customization is possible while designing number, shape and size of the shelves for a loft. The spacing between each shelf is maintained based on standard dimensions to elevate the benefits of the loft design. Arranging the shelves with step pattern adds more curiosity to the space. Every nook and corner of the space can be optimized with loft design as an effective storage space.

  • Shutters take in:

Loft design goes well with the shutters when selected properly. High loft shelves could be accessible smoothly with soft closure kind of shutters. Shutters are of 3 types namely swing/hinged, sliding, and foldable.

  • Open shelves loft:

Open storage system could be best option for easy accessibility and to the people who are open to the idea of arranging the things in tidy and organized manner. Generally it is used for wall shelves, study room, for floor to ceiling kind of lofts.

Build the loft the way you dream:

Know the simple techniques to optimize the space into functional and productive storage unit.

  1. Identify the space:

Before you start to plan for a loft shelves, identify the space that is needed to hide the clutters, and provide extra storage still keeping the aesthetic look of interiors. To be precise install the loft shelves that actually serves the function of that space with professional help. It is generally built around TV unit as open shelve manner, over kitchen cabinets, extension of wardrobes along ceiling, bathroom areas.

  • Dimensions:

It is way more exciting to make loft shelves design, as it comes along standard dimensions and also customized manner to meet the dreams of the customers to have a beautiful storage unit at home.

  • Adopt the apt Style:

Are you wondering to have a loft shelve that goes hand in hand with your home interiors? Loft is built all over the places in interiors. So, it is very important to blend the loft design with its surrounding textures, patterns, colors and styles of design. Blend the loft design by the combination of materials and finishes.

  • Material selection and requisite products:
  • Lofts are made with wood, laminates, veneers of wood, plywood, MDF.
  • Products for building the loft includes frames, shutters, drawers, shelves, mesh baskets, hinges, handles
  • Assemble the loft frames
  • Cutting the loft shutters
  • Fit hinges to loft shutters with the frames
  • Fix the handles
  • Finishes:

Finishes are the processes which provide the completion to a product or thing imparting various characteristics to it like gloss, texture, color and various characters like sealing, protection, strength etc.

Commonly used finishes for the loft shutters are namely hi-gloss, membrane, matte, UV, acrylics. If you still need any assistance on how to make Loft Cabins and Storage Shelves. Get in touch with the best interior designers in Chennai.

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