Interior Designing in Chennai

Interior Designing in Chennai

Interior Designing in Chennai. What is Interior Designing?

Interior design is a mixture of art and science. The aim of interior designing is to enhance inside spaces to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but to also provide a healthy environment for those who use them. An interior designer is someone who provides these services by researching, designing, coordinating and managing interior design projects. As well as creating beautiful indoor spaces, a professional interior designer must also comply with all building, health & safety and product regulations, because their work directly impacts the well being and safety of their clients.

Types of Interior Designing Services

We provide interior designing services for both residential and commercial properties. Although interior designing services are often used to transform an entire space, they can be commissioned to be used on particular elements of a room to enhance it. There are many individual services that an interior designer can provide, such as space planning, adding finishings, selecting furniture, artwork and decor, window services and treatments, construction administration, design services, as well as purchasing, installation, project management and procurement. 

At Interior Designz SR, we can provide all of these services to ensure that the experience we give you is tailored to your exact needs.We only work with suppliers we know and trust to ensure that your home is furnished using the highest quality materials.

How to Choose an Interior Designer in Chennai

A good interior designer needs a multitude of skills. They are not only an advisor to their client, but they must also liaise with contractors and tradesmen in the procurement of products and the installation of materials chosen for the design project. They also require skills in numbers, mathematics, budgeting and financial control. Therefore, the profession of interior designing is not just a flare as many assume, but requires practical training and years of experience, and so it is important that you choose a highly qualified interior designer for your project.

There are many interior designers in Chennai, but to find one that combines design skill with practicality and safety, you should ask any potential interior designer for their industry accreditations as well as examples of their previous work. By working with Interior Designz, your project will have a dedicated supervisor, and a top level manager will also visit the site on a regular basis to ensure the work is being implemented as planned and to a high standard.

Trending Interior Design Styles in Chennai

With India’s rich history, traditional interior design has a strong presence. Features of traditional Indian interior design include vibrant colour palettes, detailed patterns and motifs, solid wood furniture with intricate carving, marble, granite or tiled flooring, hand woven fabrics and the use of vibrant artwork and decor. However younger people tend to prefer more contemporary styles of interior design, which are also popular in Chennai. Some of the most popular interior design styles are explained below.

Modern Interior Design Style

A modern interior design style gives a sense of space and therefore works well in apartments, as it makes the place appear bigger. The look is clutter free, with an emphasis on open floor plans, and often uses materials such as glass, concrete and chrome. Clean, straight lines are used for furniture, which can be works of art themselves, showing off the deftness of the design and the skill of the creator. Where colours are concerned, modern styles use muted colours such as beige, white, cream and grey, with brighter shades used for accents in upholstery or decor.

Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclectic designs bring together a variety of styles and periods. The key to avoiding the style looking confused is to find harmony in scale, proportion and composition, so that all pieces in the room create a rhythm when put together. To achieve this, a focal point in the room should be created, as well as finding some commonalities among the furniture and decor. When choosing furniture and accessories, go for opposites in colour and texture. There’s no restriction on the colour palette you can use, but neutrals should be present to provide some calm amongst the busyness.

Industrial Interior Design Style

Industrial design style brings a warehouse look to your home using an unfinished or raw aesthetic. The conversion of old factories into apartments has made this style popular, and key features of industrial interior design are open floor plans, high ceilings, bare windows and exposed brickwork and pipes. Materials used in furniture and fixings are metals such as steel, iron, tin and aluminium, as well as wood and concrete. The materials dictate the colour scheme, which is therefore shades of browns and grey. White, dark grey and the odd primary colour are used to complement the overall look.

At Interior Designz SR we have experience in working with many interior styles, including traditional, minimal, contemporary and bohemian, as well as the styles detailed above. The best interior design projects complement the overall aesthetic of a site, so our designers will visit your home before producing design concepts to ensure they work perfectly with the build style of your house or apartment.

Why Choose Interior Designz SR?

If you are planning for Interior Designing in Chennai. Interior Designz SR, offer a high quality service at affordable prices, thanks to our many years of experience. We also offer various payment methods and payment terms, such as payment on completion of various stages of the project. Our designers and decorators understand that an interior design project turns a house into a home, and so work as carefully and thoroughly as they would as if they were working on design projects for their own homes.

Interior Designz SR is the right choice to get your interior designing project completed beyond your expectations. For all your requirements for Interior Designing in Chennai

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