What is Living Area or Drawing Room or Front Room

Living area

What is Living Area or Drawing Room or Front Room in Chennai? How do you call this?

Want to know what is living area or drawing room or front room in Chennai? Living Area is otherwise called as front room, drawing room. These names have great history of why they are called so. Whenever you enter a house the living room / living area / drawing room, front room will be the first spot of the house step in and view it. Different countries call the same space as Living area or Drawing room or Front room. This is the place where the family members of the house or even friends and families or any visitors spend time here to chit chat, talk, spend time to watch TV, entertainments and many more activities. So, living area has to have a great look with good atmosphere. Living room has to be designed spaciously, nicely ventilated along with a nice lighting.

List of items for a Living Room

  • Sofa with Cushions Pillows
  • Side tables
  • Arm Chairs
  • Ottoman
  • Benches
  • Puffs
  • Recliners
  • Centre Table / Tea Poi / Coffee Table
  • Carpet
  • TV Unit
  • TV
  • Corner Lamps
  • Chandeliers
  • Fan
  • AC
  • Curtains or Drapes with Sheer Curtains
  • Real or a Artificial Plant / Flower Vaz on pots
  • Wall Arts or Paintings on Frames
  • Media Unit
  • Storage Unit
  • Brackets or Floating shelves
  • Wall Papers or Wall Panelling

If you’re making your living area a nice one, then it will make you feel happy all the time

Design your Living Area

If you are planning to design your living area. There are many concepts you explore and choose one for your need. You can also plan your space by placing furnitures on the right place and also tucking in them among other furnitures or you can cut down some of the furnitures considered as additional or not the basic furnitures. Choose a nice lighting along with a nice chandelier. You can often change the colors of the cushion pillow cover to give every time a new fresh look for your living area.  For the color theme for the living area, you can use the light color theme and very little contrasts colors as the living area can look bigger. 

Hope you had learnt what is living area or drawing room or front room in Chennai and in general. Also, While you install the curtains or drapes for your living room. Have the curtains or drapes fixed all the way to the ceiling, as this will look as if the living room is taller. You can even add mirrors on the part of the wall. Need more ideas, then contact us today. 

Make your living room look nice and create a nice atmosphere

Maintaining the Living Area

Maintaining the living rooms and keeping it clean all the time is the most important activity to keep the living room a great place. So, keep it always clean. Even when a friends or any visitors visits your house living rooms creates the impression of the house. And also it will reflect the taste of the family who has set up the living area. So, make sure you make the best for your living room. There are plenty of ideas and options to decorate the living area.

Assistance to Design and Set up the Living Area

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Some people call it drawing room or front room too. Drawing room is otherwise called as living area. Explore our sample designs and ideas to make your living area / drawing room look great. If you need a professional assistance to makeover your living room, then contact us today. It doesn’t matter, if you are going to furnish the Living Area or Drawing Room or Front Room in Chennai, for your existing old house needing renovation or a newly constructed brand new house to be designed. We have plenty of design ideas for the living room. You have reached the right destination for all your furnishings of your living room.


As a professional interior designer in Chennai we are more than happy to assist you in designing and setting up the living area. We have got lot of creative and innovative ideas to design your living room. Click here to view more pictures of the living area designs. Please feel free to contact us, or write a comment, if you got any questions and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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