Basic Furnishing for a Rental Apartment

Project Description

A basic furnishing for a residential project. This project is on a minimum budget, as this property has to be rented to an Expat.

Client : Residential

Project Type : Basic Furnishing

Basic Furnishing for a Rental Apartment
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Basic Furnishing for a Rental Apartment. We can design and furnish the rental properties based on your rental property requirements

This is a three bedroom apartment, located in the outskirts of the chennai city. The apartment owner has decided to rent it out. The landlord was not in the country. He was in the US and everything was coordinated over the emails, phones and whatsapp. As he wanted to rent out the flat. His requirement was basic and minimalistic. So we designed and furnished according the apartment owner’s choice and completed the project on his budget. Now the property has been rented to a Japaneses Expat, who is very happy about the furnishings, which fulfilled all his basic needs. If you’re looking to rent you property, we are the right interior designers, wh0 can complete the project in your budget.

When it comes to furnishing of the rental property there are two main points the property owners should keep in mind.

  1. Quality of the Furnitures & Furnishings
  2. Extended Warranty & AMCs

If the owner has got all these two, then he good to continue renting his property for a longer term without any issues on his furnishings. As a professional interior designer, we get all these done for the rental properties. If you need any assistance on Basic Furnishing for a Rental Apartment. Get in touch with us.