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How to optimize your office and decor a stylish work space

When it comes to enhance an office space you might be wondering… How do I get started? Here is the easy step guide for decoring in the seek of comfort, flexibility, function, airiness and, of course, style. Before getting started, remember: the maximum use of the available space is the fundamental axis. Now, let’s get to business!

Taking into account that our work is carried out in an office, the space where we spend a lot of our time, we don’t want an unpleasant environment: in the long run it can bring us consequences for our productivity and emotional health.

Here below you’ll find the most important concepts to take care of if we’re talking about work spaces.

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It´s not unknown that colors have different effects on our feelings, and since the office is a workplace, it is important to choose the tones that best help you accomplish what you need to do.

Pro Tip: Blue is one of the most appropriate colors for painting an office, it’s a relaxing color but it also invites productivity. Another relaxing color for painting an office is green. These two colors promote relaxation among other sensations. Don’t be afraid to look for more vivid colors for your space!


2 Choose the right furniture for the office. Before buying furniture, think about what needs you need them to meet. Do you need enough space to lock, or do you manage with a small desk? Are you going to be sitting many hours a day or are you not going to stand still? Do you need a lot of storage space inside the office or little? How is the structure of the office, rectangular, square, has corners? Ask yourself these questions and choose the furniture based on a well thought-out answer.

Pro tip: Use Google sheets to track each expense that will go in creating your space


Good lighting in the office is essential. Both natural and artificial light are key elements to which we must pay close attention. If we have plenty of natural light that’s perfect, if not, we must have a good lighting installation and rely on table and floor lamps to complete it.

Pro tip: Ikea sells LED bulbs in its establishments, and it is one of the best options when we want to get an adjusted price without giving up the quality and safety of a powerful brand. Also LED bulbs consume 2.5 times less than a conventional energy saving light bulb and 8.9 times less than a traditional incandescent light bulb.


Choose the right accessories for your office: Once we have the right environment and the right furniture for our office, we need accessories to complete our workplace, both practical accessories such as bins, trays, pencil holders, calendars, etc. As well as decorative accessories such as paintings, decorative sheets, indoor plants, to give the space our style and feel comfortable and comfortable at work.

Pro tip: Make a close-up explode when it comes to decorative accessories.

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