Exclusive Wardrobe Designs


Exclusive Wardrobe Designs

We design the wardrobes perfectly based on the requirements and our client's taste. As a best interior designer in Chennai, we also examine the type of space, how many people are going to use, lifestyle of the end user. Once we analyse these, we come up with the final design for the approval and implement it or if any changes requested, then we do it accordingly. So, if you require the wardrobes to be made, just get in touch.

Client : Residential

Scope : Interior Design

Interior Designer : Sunita R

Project Date : 20 January 2020


The quality of the material we use is the top class and popular brands. We do not use any unknown brands. We give a crystal clear clarity on what material we use for the wardrobes making. There are many different type of wooden boards, which are used in wardrobe making. If you want to learn more. Please feel free to talk to our interior designing experts in Chennai.
opened wardrobe

Inner Part of the Wardrobes

Inner designs of the wardrobes really matters. As the wardrobes functions to be a space for keeping folded clothes, here we need the shelves. Other one is clothes which are just ironed and neatly kept in hangers for not getting the clothes crushed, here we need a tall cabins with hanger rods. Next ones are drawers to keep accessories, etc.
Wardrobe with TV unit
Wall panelling and wardrobe
All of our works

Are Extremely Carefully Crafted

We make all types of wardrobes in different styles, shapes and colors. When comes to designing and making of wardrobes, we craft it with care. It can be large wardrobe units or small single wardrobe unit, we make it perfectly. Generally wardrobes are located inside the bedrooms are in between the bathroom and bedrooms, which is called a walk-in closet. Wardrobes are used to keep the clothes, money and other accessories a person uses. This helps an individual to keep their things in an organised manner and safely too. Wardrobes are mostly made in wood and steel, both are good in their own ways. If you require any support to make an Exclusive Wardrobe Designs, please feel free to get in touch with ou experts.

Wardrobes designs
Wardrobe Designs