Restoring the Old Furniture

Restoring the Old Furniture. Are you looking to Restore your old Furnitures?

If you are looking to restore the old furnitures, you have reached the destination for that. As we live in a country of great history and memories, We also live and utilise our forefather’s place and things. In our day to day lives many of us use lands, houses and things like furnitures which is super old and used by our families for generations. This is of different reasons like sentiments, furnitures made of costly & type of woods like Rosewood, Teakwood, etc, historical furniture designs like victorian style, etc, and more. So, we as a user of those type of furniture definitely want to maintain it in a better conditions. So, our future family generations can take it forward.

As an interior designer in Chennai. We understand this very well and do all the necessary up keeping of those furnitures. So, this process makes those furniture look the brand new and gives them a fresh look. These scenarios are handled with special care.

Most common steps we do to restore the old furnitures are:

  • Clean it thoroughly
  • Repair the Furniture and make them fit
  • Polish them or paint them
  • We change the upholsteries
  • Completely dismantle and refix them, if required

Assistance on Restoring the old Furniture

We not only restore the furnitures which had been made several years before, we also restore and repair the furnitures which are few years old too. Mainly, we analyse if those furnitures can be repaired or not. If those furnitures are used on a day to day basis, this will not have issues mostly. But those dumped and not used for several years has to be examined before we agree to restore them. So, if you’re looking to restore your old furniture, please feel free to contact us.

If you got any old furnitures need to be restored, write to us for more ideas

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