Sofa Designing & Making

Sofa Designing & Making
Sofa Designing & Making. The above mentioned sofa is called Chaise lounge, it was of Egyptian origin and is a combination of chair and bed features. Not very popular in India they are more of a decorative piece of furniture and can be used in a large bedroom or living area. It’s a Half White Luxurious designer Sofa
camel back sofa
Camel Back Sofa– The Indian version of camel back sofa is Maharaja Sofa. The key characteristic of this design is its higher back in the center, which gradually inclines till the arms of the sofa. Mostly made with solid wood and rich fabrics. Camel Back Luxurious designer Sofa
Best living room designs
Modern Two Seater sofa with one side armrest. Perfect for small as well as large living rooms, a piece for everyday life. The contemporary sofa on high legs looks light and elevated. It has a simple outline. Neutral color scheme with a hint of accent color on pillows makes the room minimalist and restful. The look can be achieved with leather or Leatherette (artificial leather). Two Seater Luxurious designer Sofa.
Sofa with floor lamp
Light Pink Luxurious designer Sofa. Two seater low-seated sofa with wooden legs which can be used in modern living room in contemporary style.
Chesterfield sofa
Chesterfield Luxurious designer Sofa. This sofa is called Chesterfield, which is inspired by the midcentury style. These are large sofas with rolled arms and the height same as the back. Most typical feature of this sofa is deep button tufting, metal trim and quality leather.
Arm chair
Armchairs are variants of chairs, they are designed with fixed armrests. They are mostly upholstered and cushioned. Armchairs are trendy and modern and are used mostly in living rooms, large bedrooms commercial reception areas. Armchair Luxurious designer Sofa.
Futon sofa
Futon sofa is sofa come bed which can be opened from the center and used as sleeping surface. Futon Luxurious designer Sofa. If you need assistance on Sofa Designing & Making, contact us now!
Green modern 2 seater
Modern Two Seater Sofa is modern contemporary styled. The high metal legs make the room look spacious and airy. Green Luxurious designer Sofa
Stylish Two Seater Fabric Sofa is modern contemporary styled. The high metal legs make the room look spacious and airy. Grey Luxurious designer Sofa, If you need any assistance in Sofa Designing & Making, get in touch with us.
Lawson sofa
Lawson sofas are softer and they come with separate cushions. They are meant for super comfort. Lawson Luxurious designer Sofa
Modern 3 seater
Modern Three Seater Tan Brown Sofa with beige cushions beautiful contemporary living room décor. Simple straight line defines its simplicity and elegance. It will enhance the neutral color scheme of the living room. Modern Luxurious designer Sofa.
A Divan or ottoman is a sofa without a back and can be used as stylish seating arrangement with normal sofas. Mostly in Indian homes they are used as day beds. Ottoman Luxurious designer Sofa.
Recliner sofa
Recliner Sofas are for comfortable seating for watching TV and reading. They need more expansive spaces to be accommodated, due to their bulky size. Recliner Luxurious designer Sofa.
red sofa
Modern Loveseat Sofa with one side armrest. Perfect for home library, a piece for everyday life. Simple straight lines are the basic feature of this style. Red Luxurious designer Sofa
Sectional sofa- 4
Sectional Sofa is a multi-piece sofa. Which comes in 3 or 5 different pieces and can be arranged in different arrangements. Sectional Luxurious designer Sofa
tuxedo sofa
Tuxedo Sofa, the main design element of this sofa is that its back and arm height is equal. It can be used in commercial spaces as well as modern contemporary living rooms for its clean lines. Material used mostly for this sofa is soft and artificial leather. Tuxedo Luxurious Designer Sofa
Luxurious Designer Sofa
Modern Two Seater Sofa is modern contemporary styled. The high metal legs make the room look spacious and airy. Yellow Luxurious designer Sofa. If you need any assistance on customizing sofa designs and making it. These are the types of Luxurious and Designer Sofas in Chennai. Please feel free to get in touch with us. We at Interior Designz SR can make the best good looking and good quality sofas. 
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