What is Space Planning?

What is Space Planning in the Interior Designing process?

As an interior designer in Chennai, we do a proper and professional planning. It does not matter how small or how big your space is. We can do the space planning accordingly and place each and every furniture of your home correctly. This will make your space and its furnitures to be user friendly, easily accessible and look more organised. If you are confused how to manage and plan the space of your individual house, bungalows, villas, apartment and flats, with all the furnitures and furnishing on place and with everything in the house to be handy. We are the right interior designers to support you in Chennai. Our team will be more than happy to assist you. 

Basic Points to be noted while you do Space Planning

Purchasing the furnitures in right size to give proportionate look of the space. Example: Small room needs small furnitures and big space needs big ones. So this can avoid the disproportionate look. This also helps in bring natural lighting inside the space. Airflow of the space also can be achieved by proper set up. We should avoid filling the space with too many things. There are many technical steps to borrow the space from outside. Example: By installing mirrors to bring in view of the outside through the window.

Advantages of the Space Planning

There are good advantages if you follow the basics of the space planning. Interior Designing for Home is wonderful thing to do, when you build a house and design its interiors.  Design is the art & science of enhancing the interior of your home to make your living in to a beautiful, a healthier, a convenient space, and an aesthetically appealing environment for a family experiencing the beautiful home designs and its space. Also there is a difference between just furnishing the home with wood work, loose furniture and curtains and the real interior designing and furnishing of the home. Hope you have gained information on what is space planning in interior designing process.

Points to remember while you do Space Planning

  • How the space is going to be used
  • How many people are going to utilise the space
  • Understand the user’s lifestyle
  • Do you want to make your room Airy or Cozy
  • Analyse the natural lighting and additional lighting required
  • Analyse the focal points
  • How do you want to design the space, based on concept, etc.

Assistance on Space Planning

As a professional interior designer in Chennai, we can assist you in this process based on the function and purpose of the space. Also its based on how the space is going to be used, how many people are going to use it. Space planning is done based on the activities going to take place. If you still need assistance on the space planning process in Chennai, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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