Are you looking to select and design the Upholstery in Chennai. We at Interior Designz SR are there to assist you. It is very important job while you choose the upholsteries. If you opt for the wrong material when trying to find suitable upholstery. You might find yourself with a slippery seat or even one that is so fuzzy and scratchy that you simply cannot sit on it without itching. Nobody wants that.

When selecting upholstery materials, it is not just what is on the outside that matters. Padding, webbing and springs are all essential considerations too. When looking to select the best fabric, you first and foremost want to think about who will be using the item in question the most. Pieces in high traffic areas such as a living room, need to be considerably more robust than perhaps a cushion of a window seat in the bedroom.

Great materials to consider if you have a busy home with children and/or pets are ones that are low maintenance and easily cleaned. For example, faux suede, cotton, linen and polyester blend fabrics can all be washed easily. Whilst distressed leather can quickly be wiped down and you do not need to worry about keeping it polished or that it will get scratched.

If you are in a child and pet free home, you may want to consider more luxurious upholstery options. Tibetan wool, sheepskin, velvet, soft Italian leathers, silk and satin are all possible options, depending on the required function of the item being upholstered.

It is important to consider the functionality of the fabric you pick for your upholstery.

  • Cotton is the most popular material when it comes to upholstery. As a natural fiber and the most affordable option, cotton is very durable and can be cleaned, which is good because it can stain easily.
  • Silk should not be used to upholster something that sees high traffic and it can require professional maintenance/cleaning.
  • Wool is a robust option and reasonably resistant to stains, which makes it a great option for high traffic items of furniture, though again it should often be professionally cleaned.
  • Leather is one of the most durable upholstery options, with extensive longevity and easy to wipe clean.

You should also consider how the fabric you select will age and how it will need to be maintained. Think about if you are prepared to vacuum the upholstery if required. Or if you are prepared to polish it or keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent fading?

If you require assistance for doing the Upholstery in Chennai. As a professional interior designer in Chennai, we can definitely assist you. We can select and design it very well based on your requirements and with our professional touch. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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