Wall Paper

Wall Paper

Depending on the surface you have to work with, hanging wallpaper can be a simple task or a mean feat. Smooth walls are, perhaps unsurprisingly, the easiest option when it comes to covering them with paper. These walls can also often produce the best end result. However, provided you follow the right steps, practically any wall can be wallpapered.

You need to ensure that your walls are as smooth as can be before applying the paper – you definitely do not want to be papering over any cracks, as the saying goes. Sometimes, applying a primer to a wall can act as a sealant to protect the wall from moisture in the long run, helping the paper to stay stuck to the wall once it is up. If you have a textured wall, it is best to remove this or sand it down, prior to applying the wallpaper.

There are a few different types of wallpaper which you might want to look out for, depending on what and where you are papering. Lining paper is not decorative and as the name suggests, is applied under the main paper to cover any small imperfections on the wall. It may also be used to cover a particularly dark wall before hanging a pale or thin paper.

Traditional wallpaper is the most common type of paper and can be single or double layered. These papers let walls breathe and are the most affordable wallpaper. These papers are good in bedrooms and dining rooms as they can often create a rather warm feel.

Vinyl wallpaper is a washable option, popular in bathrooms and kitchens. With an average life expectancy of between 10 and 20 years, these papers can often imitate another surface such as wood or even stone, though they are not the most eco-friendly as they do not allow walls to breathe.

Embossed wallpaper is great for a more uneven wall as it can hide defects easily. These papers can be applied and then painted to achieve a range of different looks. Often heavy and dramatic, these papers can cause substantial damage when it comes to removing them, often bringing with it plasterwork.

Though there are non-woven variants that can be cleaned, the majority of wall paper would not be washed. The best way to maintain wallpaper is to wipe it gently with a dry cloth.

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