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Scent Decor for Interior design Ideas

What is scent decor?
Scent decor is the final layer of the interior design. Smell is the most dominant sense. Smell either. Good or bad tell us a lot about our homes, if a space. Smell fresh and nice, it’s a great sign. People usually do not realize that. The first thing people notice is smell. It is what welcomes you when you walk. Through the door each day. Many times we notice that the people living in their. Homes usually do not know the kind of smell they are living in, this is because they get used to the particular Smell and the obvious reason is, more time one spends In particular space, the less is the realization of the Stench. “It’s called sensory adaptation, and it’s common
To all the senses, and unless someone informs in a Positive or negative way they don’t do anything about it. There are people knowingly or Unknowingly try to cover the bad smell by spraying a very strong Fragrance, which again becomes unbearable and unpleasant, for a Situation like that one should try neutralizers instead. The fresh smell certainly brings joy to our senses. Before Diving into tips on how to make the house smell fresh all The time let’s look at the culprits of smell and how to fix

Them. Some of the major reasons are moisture, drainage System (especially in apartments), grubby soft fabrics Such as, pillows, Carpets, upholstery, bed linens, Curtains and drapes, open garbage cans, less air flow in The house and insufficient cross ventilation. So let’s start with the first culprit, which is moisture. Important tip to tackle The moisture certainly is to find the cause of the Problem. The sooner You get rid of the source, the faster you’ll get rid of moist odours. Most common areas to check are leaky pipes, taps, and poor Insulation and clogged gutters. Apart from this, seepage issues need To be taken care of, as these issues can not only cause moisture and Bad smell it also is a health hazard. Moisture in homes has been Identified To be related with respiratory problems and other harmful Health ailments to people within homes, therefore needs immediate Attention by getting problem area repaired. Second is cluttered and untidy home. Regular decluttering is very Important to keep the house fresh. Frequent and periodical cleaning of the house is the key. Thanks to Professional cleaner’s availability in India too, who can be of great help For busy Families, as nothing feels more satisfying than coming home to a clean House. Always have minimalistic approach when it comes to furniture pieces

As it would take less time to clean and maintain. Third is grubby fabrics or upholstery, they are magnets of smells, especially The Upholstered sofa and carpet. It is always good to consider about The Maintenance while purchasing as thick and heavy fabrics are very difficult to Clean and cannot be replaced easily. Having small and closed garbage can is best to avoid unpleasant smells in the house. The easiest way to bring freshness in is to open windows every day to let the fresh air and sun rays come in. As it will give Entire space feel fresh and clean. Let the house get cross breeze. Keeping the windows and doors open every day even for a short While can make a difference. Tips and tricks to fresh and great smelling home

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Indoor plants
  1. Indoor Plants – There are many houseplants that act as natural air fresheners. Plants whose flowers or leaves will add pleasing fragrances to your home and help shield unpleasant smells. Plants can certainly increase the air quality in your home. Some of the best indoor plants with minimum maintenance are snake plant, Boston fern, rubber plant, bamboo palm, spider plant, aloe Vera, Chamaedoria, Japanese sago palm, Chinese evergreen , areca palm and Golden pothos to name a few.
Candle light scent decor

2. Candles – Candles are good option to instantly change the smell in the home, ideally when guest are coming over. It is very welcoming and lifts up the mood of the entire house. Candles are available in attractive colors and various shapes. Candles not only makes the room fresh but also adds to the beauty and aesthetics of the home.

potpourri scent decor

3. Potpourri – Potpourris are great way to bring fresh and excellent fragrance in the home. Numerous potpourri sprays like Egyptian cotton (my favorite), Lavender, jasmine, lemon grass, rose and many more are available in the stores as well as online. An incredibly fragrant potpourri on your coffee table or console table in the entrance way will definitely add to your living and overall well being.

Air freshener

4. Deodorizers / Room Fresheners – Using deodorizers or room fresheners in the house too helps to eliminate bad odours. They are available in various brands and fragrances. Though yet to come across a very effective one. It is good as a short term solution.

5. Essential oil diffusers – They are good alternatives to candles in term of safety and they also last longer. They are a fantastic alternative to air fresheners too as they do not spread unsafe Chemicals into the air. Add some water and drops of your favorite essential oils, and enjoy the scent all day. Just need to make sure that you are using pure, naturally derived essential oils with your diffuser. Few essential oils for fresh home are mandarin, lavender, lemongrass, rose, jasmine, citronella, eucalyptus, sandalwood.

Oil spray scent decor

6. Essential oil sprays – Spraying essential oils on your vents covers and air filters is one more technique to make your house smell fresh and pleasant. Spraying essential oils on the toilet paper roll and some essential oil sprayed cotton balls in the corners will help to eliminate unpleasant smells in the bathroom.

scent decor incense stick

7. Incense sticks – Burning incense sticks has been an ancient therapeutic ritual. It helps to purify the environment, the mind and the soul. Modern science reveals that the smoke of incense is filled with effective antibacterial powers, which keeps your environment free of contaminants

Fresh flower scent decor

8. Fresh Flowers – A simple bunch of flowers can do wonders for your home and your well-being. All it takes is a vase, few flowers and a bit of water. They not only look fresh, but also help to remove harmful toxins from the air and give off large amounts of oxygen and fantastic smell.

9. Baking soda and Vinegar – These are the ultimate ingredients for stench. Just sprinkle baking soda on the carpet or fabric sofa for 1 hour and then vacuum clean it for fresh smell. Mix baking soda, water and vinegar in a spray bottle and clean the kitchen surfaces for fresh smell.

To make your house or apartment smell good and fresh, these strategies will certainly bring a big difference. I really hope that these fresh smelling home tips and tricks will give you some motivation for a fresh home and new ways to keep your house smelling good all the time. Try and enjoy your new wonderful smelling home. Hope, you had learned about the Scent Decor and Home Fragrances. Get in touch with the best interior designers in Chennai, the Interior Designz SR for more interior design tips and tricks

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